MEMORIES (noun)/ˈmem(ə)rē/

The mental faculty of retaining and recalling past experience.

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Kasey pondered that for a minute, her eyebrows pulling together as she thought about it and small frown made its way to her face. “That just kind of makes me sad… I don’t think people should feel trapped down. Though, I understand what you’re saying, and it’s probably right. I just wish I could change that. Those who try to control others do it because they never had much control of themselves. I just don’t like how that is the world we live in.”


The young man arched a brow ever so slightly as he moved his hands upwards in order to fix the glasses that seemed to be slipping down his nose by the second. He then averted his hazel eyes upwards towards the girl before him, what she was saying was true; the world they lived in was a terrible place. But what could a few souls do about the greater change? Instead of speaking his mind Max offered a slight smile, “It is a terrible place, but we can make the best of it. See with people like you that see the flaws of our system and of our beings we aren’t all doomed to be in hell.” Except his heart told him something else, Max believed there was no other way out of this world for him than to go through hell or even stay in the damned place. 

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I think that’s… kind of extreme, but mostly I agree. Books kind of saved my life. They’re kind of right, though; I need to focus more on the whole actual living thing.


I tend to exaggerate slightly… I completely agree with you, they saved me from quite a bit of trouble. Eh I disagree, I like to sink into a new world in every book; screw living. 


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That joke is older than you are. I hope that’s not your only material, maybe you need a new joke book.


Just because something is old does not mean it is terrible. But don’t you worry ma’am I got more jokes for you if you are willing to hear them. 


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Book Buddies || Octavia & Max

Octavia gave her full attention to the words before her, only hearing the faint chirps of birds outside, the scurrying feet of invisible rodents, and the rustling of papers catching the draft. Some would think of her as lame and utterly dull if they knew that this was how she was spending her Saturday, but for her a trip to the library served as a well-deserved vacation. For her books and stories were the purest creation; something out of nothing. It seemed funny to her that a few words could make you feel any type of emotion at all — that is if the writer was talented enough. She thought of it as the closest thing to magic there is, which was quite the cliche thought, but people always told her that every cliche has some truth to it. 

Her gaze averted and focused on his jaw before moving up to his eyes. As they locked eyes, her confidence visually grew smaller, as did she. Talking to strangers proved to be a rather difficult task for the girl and an art she has yet to master. There wasn’t a sentence without a stutter or an ‘uhm’, which she was sure made her look quite pathetic. His voice made her lose her train of thought and only then she noticed her jaw was slightly ajar. Closing it rather quickly, she cleared her throat. “Uhm… I mean- I mean hello! Oh, a-are you waiting for this book?” she inquired quite nervously, flashing the stranger an awkward but genuine smile, before biting down on her lower lip in a nervous manner. The toe of her sneaker clad foot scuffed at the carpet idly, and Octavia quickly studied the boy before her, all from his brown hair that hung over his forehead to his shoes. He seemed as nervous as she was which – oddly – made her feel a bit better.

Catching herself staring at the male before her, not opening her mouth for the past few seconds, her gaze feel to the dust covered book that lay open before her. With a swift move she closed it and, wearing her signature awkward smile, looked up again. “I - You can have it, if you want! I’ve reread it far too many times already, so I won’t be missing out on too much since I already know the ending.” She chimed. “And the library is quite colossal –“ She came to an abrupt halt and looked around her. There she saw row after row of neatly lined up books with their spines facing outward, colour coded on the dirtied shelves and stands, dust collecting everywhere as far as she could see. “—I’ve got a lot of other books to read. And it is a must to read Tim O’Brien’s books, which are all beautifully written and overall amazing.” She reassured the stranger politely, already thinking of the other books she could thumb through today. 

As the young woman with the red-ish hair began opened her mouth to speak Max found himself holding his breath. He felt his lungs contracting as his lips had parted slightly and he felt his messy hair falling down into his face once more as he sank his arm to the side of his body once more. Max could hardly restrain himself from blushing slightly and averting his gaze towards the ground as soon as the girl and he had locked eyes. Max had never been the most outgoing, but he had never been this introverted as far as he could remember. It was simply that everything in his life slowly seemed to be going wrong, he had nothing under control and even his friendships - or relationships - were slowly breaking apart. The girl that he had managed to call friend for the last years of his life was in the hospital, because of him. Max wore a guilt that pressed down on his body, his soul and his mind. He was restless, could hardly sleep and was constantly in worry that anyone he met was going to get hurt because of the fact that he was futile at existing in harmony with the world.

The young man began to gnaw on his lower lip nervously, this had become a habit with Max whenever he was nervous and he moved his hand up once more scratching the back of his head before averting his gaze awkwardly from the ground towards the book that was still in the girl’s hands. “I uh… I was looking for it for weeks… the librarian always said someone had it.” He attempted to smile lightly as his hazel eyes lingered upon the young woman before him. He managed to lift a corner of his lips as he angled his face slightly and within the action of smiling the boy could feel his eyes close just a tad. Max then restrained his hand from doing any other awkward actions by holding onto his arm with his other hand, he attempted to hide behind his arms - though this was not much of an art as he was almost too slim for his own good. Max could hardly believe his ears, the girl was offering him the book. He had believed that it would take more convincing in order to get his hands on the masterpiece by Tim O’Brien. It was only then that he realized his cheeks were still tainted by a light shade of red and he quickly stepped to the side attempting to stay away from her gaze.

Max had been in luck as her attention seemed to have disappeared from the young man and had returned towards the bookshelves, “I agree, his works are brilliant! I mean uh… he is a great author. One of my favourites actually.” With having said those very words he averted his gaze to the book that was now closed on the table and he could hardly believe the luck that seemed to be following him that very day. Max was not a lucky fellow, bad things happened to him all at once in a fashion that is stronger than any shower of rain. This was one of the moments when the sun seemed to shine through the cloud of rain that followed the young man wherever he went. Slowly Maximilian gathered his thoughts and awkwardly stumbled over his own voice, “I uh… I’m Max by the way.” After he spoke the man could hardly restrain his eyes from following the elegance that the fiery girl seemed to move in as she had been scanning the books before her. 

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Book Buddies || Octavia & Max

The whispers rang loudly on the quiet library, drifting through the air of tense students on the pursuit of higher education, and its roar was deafening, or so would Octavia have you believe. She tucked a hair that was blocking her vision behind her ear, as she scouted the room around her. Mousy girls, lanky boys, as the smell of parchment filled her nostrils. At least there was that, she mused, reclining on her chair, the tip of her pen becoming a tasty treat; a chew here and there wouldn’t cause much.

The girl hasn’t been here for long, still finding herself wandering down the wrong alleys or taking a turn left when she should have been going right. The only way she had fully remembered was the one that led to the library. The city buzz proved to be overwhelming at times, so she often found herself hiding in the library, a stack of books always sitting before her. It was the most peaceful place she had the luck of finding and the atmosphere and aura it was giving off was completely calming, leaving her tranquil.

Today, however, there was only one book placed before her — one of her favourites, that is. The new paper smell of the book was strangely at odds with it’s old fashioned and battered leather cover, the gilded lettering faded and tatty. She had been sitting there, her gaze steady upon the sentences sprawled before her for hours, not knowing — nor caring what was happening around her. There were only fifty pages left until it would end - an ending she dreaded, because she’d be done with another wonderfully written book. I could always reread it again… Octavia pondered, when she spotted somebody standing before her. 

There were many things that could be said of Max Park, as for instance he was a little on the strange side of life, or that he was a nerd or that he was a bastard. However out of those three things it mattered of what perspective you looked from, Max had done many things in his life that he was not proud of such as seeing colour. Once Jasmine had come into his life he had the bliss of colour flustering his vision, causing a disturbance in the natural occurrences of his life. It had brought his entire reality to stand upside down and soon the young man had retreated from his usual outgoing ways and returned to the shadows of his room, with a small light and the smell of books whisking through the air. However that very day the young man had pulled himself out of this grotto and through the streets of their town.

He had moved rather quickly, setting a foot after the other on the ground and cutting around corners, slipping through a massive door as the display of various books greeted him like an old friend. However there was only one book that he had been in search for, for the last weeks. Somehow someone had always had it signed out of the library and he was never able to wrap his slim fingers around its cover, nor was he able to open it and dive into the world laid out before him. Tim O’Brien was one of his favourite writers, including his works The Nuclear Age, Northern Lights and The Things They Carried. In fact he had read through two out of these three books at least seven times. Max let his orbs move around the room before he finally laid eyes upon the cover of a book he very much admired, The Things They Carried.

The young man began to gnaw on his bottom lip as he arched a brow slightly and tilted his head to the side, his mind seemed as though it had been emptied in that very moment - tipped over and released of its content. Why was his mind this way? He simply did not know how he was going to be able to get hold of this book as a girl with strawberry blonde hair had been leaning over it, clearly deep in thoughts as she read. Shortly after he had looked up, his body seemed to make the movements his mind could not process and before he knew it the young brunette was standing before the girl. As she looked up his jaw dropped and he clearly had forgotten how to speak. Max took a deep breath in and ran his hand through his hair as he shifted his weight from one side to the other, before finally finding his voice, “I uh… Hi… I was just wondering when you’d be done with that book?”

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Really? People usually just groan and tell me to read less.


Reading less should be a crime! Books are simply the most beautiful and godly things created and whoever disapproves of literature has no soul. 

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Exactly and I do love my job especially since I now realized I can get my comedy out there. No problem mate and yeah definitely. Ahh who cares I’ll just be a groupie of ahh your jokes man. I mean that second one was golden. If i ever need a partner in my comedy i will be coming to you so be ready. 


I don’t believe I know your name and I like you already. Which reminds me I am Max it is nice to meet you and I pray to your awesomeness. 


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